Shinkyokushin Damashii Dojo

Learn the Art of Shinkyokushin Karate in a family friendly environment. We teach respect for all in a disciplined and focused environment that promotes a structured approach to better Health and well being for young and old. Benefits for all include increased confidence, mental well being and a stronger &Healthy Body. There are many opportunities to form strong relationships and friendships as well as learning a Martial Art that has a strong practical foundation for self defence and competition.

Inside the Dojo

Our Dojo belongs to the Largest recognised Kyokushin organisation in the World the – WKO Shinkyokushin has over 100 member Countries and is growing strongly. Our Teaching Staff is Headed by Shihan Peter Volke 7th. Dan and Sensei Dorothy Volke 4th. Dan who between them have over 90 years of experience. All our Instructors are World recognized and our Dojo is fully equipped.

Please feel free to talk to us!  The first lesson is on us. You will be made very welcome!